Шаблон для игры кризис

Off the field, the league has revised safety rules to minimize head-to-head hits, and invested millions into research. In April, it also won final approval for a potential $1 billion settlement with roughly 5,000 former players who have sued it over past head injuries. Итого, чтобы в конечном итоге получить отменный продукт, мы, по возможности, стараемся максимально перенести производство на наши собственные заводы в Россию. Crysis ran on a cutting-edge API framework from Microsoft only available on Windows Vista at the time, used more than one gigabyte of texture data, and had more than a million lines of code. The phrase can also be used to make light of something impressive. If, for example, a gamer posts a photograph of their setup, bragging about the specifications, responding But can it run Crysis? can poke fun at the boast and issue a reminder that every system has its limitations. Краудфандинг — отличный способ привлечь внимание дистрибьюторов (в нашем случае это иностранные издательства), которые придут к тебе сами.

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